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Barb's Sausages

All of Barb's Sausages are made on premises. Each one tastes better than the next! Check out our traditional and unique varieties.

Beef Sausages

Cheesy Meatball - Smoked: All the spices you'd want in a 100% beef meatball mixed with lots of Romano cheese, fully smoked.  

Cheddar Hot Dogs (not really sausage!)

Our hot dogs, 100% grass finished Angus beef, with a lot of cheddar...a lot! 

Hot Dogs (not really sausage!)

Like your grandma remembers. 100% grass finished Angus beef. 

Red Hot Hot Dogs (again, not really sausage!)

Our hotdogs but add a kick! Still 100% grass finished Angus beef. 


Chicken Sausages


The apples are sautéed and added to a spice blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar.


Like our pork breakfast’s a little ginger, a little sage, a little pepper.

Buffalo and Blue Cheese

Spices that mimic buffalo sauce mixed with crumbled blue cheese.

Cordon Bleu

Small diced ham (made in house of course) with swiss and our version of dijon mustard in a chicken sausage. GRILL THIS!

Curry - Yellow

Slurry a traditional yellow curry spice blend -oh the flavor, and...!

11 Herbs and Spices Sausage (KFC's recipe)

The 11 secret herbs and spices were leaked in the Chicago Tribune Au- gust 2016, so we made sausage.

Honey Mustard

A little bit of honey and a whole bunch of whole yellow mustard seeds. 


Whole fennel seeds speak for themselves.

Pot Pie

Yes...yes it’s chicken pot pie inside a sausage. There are carrots and peas and celery and onions and put it in a bun for a crust-hack.

Spinach and Feta

Lots of chopped spinach and lots of crumbled feta are mixed with some garlic and other spices.

Sun Dried Tomato and Basil

Dried basil is added with oil-infused sun dried tomatoes to make a great addition to any pasta dinner.

Three Cheese

This sausage has a blend of Parmesan, Romano, and Asiago cheeses and plenty of pepper and parsley. 

Lamb Sausages

Apple and Onion

It’s a savory blend of apple and onion, like our pork sausage, but add some red wine into the mix.


Traditional Greek sausage that’s a mixture of pork and lamb, with fennel, garlic and orange zest. Available smoked.


It has lots of cumin, cayenne, fennel, coriander, cinnamon, garlic, red wine, and olive oil mixed into 100% lamb. This sausage is made using lamb casings.

Spicy Olive and Feta

This sausage combines crushed red pepper, cayenne, whole fennel, lots of feta and sliced black olives. 

Red Curry

Traditional red curry spices and masala, slurried in olive oil and added to 100% lamb. This sausage is made using lamb casings. 


With flavors inspired by the Thessaly region of Greece, this sausage has a fragrant blend of cumin, black pepper, oregano and allspice.

Pork Sausages


It’s a Creole style sausage with lots of garlic and lots of onion. Available fresh or smoked.

Apple and Onion

A spice combo of cinnamon, allspice, and sage complements a sautéed apple and onion for a balance of sweet and salty.

Argentinian Chorizo

Mix pork, beef and bacon together, and add garlic and Malbec red wine.

Bangers (English or Scottish)

It’s an English breakfast favorite with ginger, sage and mace. English has bread crumbs (gluten) while the Scottish has oats (no gluten).


A German classic: it’s everything you want in a fresh brat. Ours are spiced like they are in the Thüringer region. 

Smoked Cheesy Brats

Our classic brat, add cheddar and parmesan. This one's smoked!


A simple sausage that boasts a bit of ginger, a bit of sage and a bit of pepper and some fennel. 

“Burn Your Face Off” Hot Pepper Sausage

This is one of our spicier sausages, made with seed-in jalapeños, haben- eros, serranos, cherry bombs, italian peppers and poblanos seasoned with cayenne, crushed red peppers, chili powder and chipotle.

Cajun Boudin

Pork, pork liver, white rice, onion, parsley and green pepper complimented with cayenne and clove, emulsified to the perfect texture.

Cheese and Parsley

This is a simple favorite made with a blend of parmesan, Romano, and asiago cheeses along with plenty of pepper and parsley.

Chorizo - Mild

In a Mexican tradition, this fresh sausage has a mix of ancho, cayenne, dark chili, crushed red peppers and crushed hot peppers and is just hot enough.

Chorizo - Hotter

Same flavors as the mild chorizo except this one’s hotter!


There’s fresh garlic and some thyme mixed with oodles of parmesan.

Green Chilis and Hominy

There’s a nearly a quart of small diced poblaños, jalapeños and long peppers combined with another quart of pureed, roasted poblaños and jalapeño peppers. Add hominy.

Irish Bangers

There’s a full cup of breadcrumbs in every pound of our Irish breakfast sausage, and nearly as many eggs. It’s softer than most of our other sausages; just imagine how much gravy these can hold!

Italian - Sweet

A traditional, mild, Italian-style sausage with whole fennel throughout.

Italian - Hot

Start with our Italian-sweet sausage and add crushed red pepper.


A traditional Polish sausage with garlic and spices. Available fresh or smoked.

Loaded Baked Potato

Cubed chunks of potato, cheddar cheese and bacon bits are added to pork seasoned as if we were making sour cream dip! Amazing.

North African Mint Sausage

Fresh cilantro, garlic and mint are added to cumin, cayenne and a bit of fennel.

Pear and Kale

The kale is sautéed, the pear is diced and we mix in some mustard powder along with some coriander and garlic.

Pickled Jalapeño and Apple

Sliced pickled jalapeño, apples and scallions added to pork seasoned with all the spices you really want in braised pork belly! 

Portuguese Linguisa

A blend of paprika, cayenne, black pepper and garlic, emulsified, and smoked.


A traditional and simple French sausage featuring red wine and garlic. It's a perfect addition to your cassoulet! 

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