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Tel: (845) 831-8050
69 Spring Street Beacon, NY 12508


Other Prepared Food 

Everything at Barb's is made on premises!

Artisan Smoked Deli Meats

We make deli ham, roast beef, turkey breast, brisket, corned beef, pastrami, liverwurst and chicken bologna.

Stop in and ask for a sample anytime! 


 Hickory-smoked slab pork bacon is always available. Sometimes we make a molasses-ancho bacon as well as a crushed red pepper and honey bacon. Just ask - Barb's always looking for an excuse to make these.  Pork jowl bacon is always available and nitrite-free bacon is in our freezer.

Cooking Needs

 We make grass finished bone broth that simmers for 72+ hours.

We also make chicken and pork stock.

We render fats:  chicken schmaltz, pork lard, beef and lamb tallow are available.

We have pickled mustard seeds, pickled jalapeños, cooked bacon bits and chimmichurri sauce.

Now selling a few veggies for cooking (potatoes, onions, celery) and hamburger/hot dog buns!



Yes! We make jerky!!!

Beef Jerky: Barb's Traditional, Onion BBQ, Red Wine and Thyme and Ribeye

Pork Jerky: Barb's Traditional, Ginger-Sesame, Onion BBQ


Pub Grub

Pub Grub are all beef smoked meat sticks - ready for snacking.






Some Other Goodies

We make whole smoked chickens as well as smoked pork chops. They're not always in the case, so give us a call if you KNOW you'd like such, we'll make it for you...just give us a week. 

Chicken Liver Pâté

Roasted or Smoked Chicken


Barb's will marinade a steak for you and have it ready for you to take home and cook. Just give us an hour or so and we're happy to marinade for you! 




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We will respond within 48 hours ! 

Feel Free to call with questions at (845) 831-8050.

Thanks so much.

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69 Spring Street
Beacon, NY 12508

Hours of Operation:

Open daily from 11am - 6pm


T: 845-831-8050

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