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Barb's Lights and Lotion

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What is Barb’s Lights and Lotion? 

Barb made candles from beef tallow and beeswax that burns into almost exactly the same recipe as Barb's Butcher's Balm, except beeswax replaced the olive oil. 

(See Barb's Butcher's Balm page for the kitchen chemistry and the "why's")

Rumors suggest that beef tallow candles emit an odor, but this is not true! We render the fat we use in our candles from the grass finished cows that we buy locally and butcher in house. We also add just enough essential oils that the candle and wax both have lovely fragrance, and no worries, the quantity of oil used does not clog our wicks! There is always a sample burning so judge for yourself!

The candle fuel burns wonderfully into a hot oil treatment that you can apply directly onto your hands. Just pour the hot "wax" and massage gently. Any sticky/tacky/waxy feeling that one would expect from such an experience is also not the case with our product. Count to 10 while massaging the oil into your skin, and your skin will have  absorbed all the oil. 

Burn times for the candles will depend on how much hot oil you remove from the candle, but if used only as a candle, anticipate a 25-40 hour burn time. 

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