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Barb's Butcher's Balm



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The three main active ingredients in great lotion are...


An Occlusive Agent A Humectant Agent An Emollient Agent
Traps moisture that is already in your skin.

Transfers moisture from bottom layers to top layers of your skin.

Replaces lost oils and improves skin repair.

What is Barb’s Butcher’s Balm made of and why?

• Lamb Tallow - it heals and seals!

Lamb tallow has a very similar chemical composition to coconut oil, however, lamb tallow is special - it has cholesterol. Naturally occurring cholesterol is an effective occlusive agent, trapping moisture in, but will not leaving your skin feeling greasy.

Lamb tallow is also high in saturated fats and omega fatty acids thus acting as an amazing emollient agent!

• Olive Oil - adds more moisture!

Olive oil contains sebum, an oil that is natural occurring in your skin, hence absorbing quickly and acting as a secondary emollient.

• Glycerin - even more moisturizing!

Food grade glycerin is the only humectant ingredient used; this is what will draw moisture from the lower to the upper dermal layers.

• Essential Oils - the extra!

Using essential oils that are always 100% pure, so that the fragrance is always from the expected source, this is definitely the only “extra additive”...but so worth it, because balm should smell fantastic!!!

What was old becomes new again!

How is Barb’s Butcher’s Balm made?

After the ingredients are heated slowly just enough to whip the oils so that the ingredients are smooth and soft. Then, Barb hand pours each small batch into reusable glass jars.

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